Thursday, January 18, 2007

Songs written by me

I will update this page whenever I have another song to post... There is also a link on the side bar to this page. But I will put a note in my "daily" bloggings when there is another song added here. I just thought that it might make it easier for me (and you) to find these if there placed together....

A brief intro to these songs though... They are all written by me, unless otherwise noted. I play each instrument you hear, do the backing vocals etc. I record under the name "Karass" and my "future" recording company will be called A.W.E. records.

This page pretty much has Baha'i songs on it. Or at least Baha'i influenced songs. The first two are kind of obviously so, and "A Song For April" is more me dealing with death through a Baha'i perspective.

Anyway though, I hope you don't mind them...

O God My God

This is simply a prayer put to music that I wrote a while ago now. Enjoy..


This song is kind of self explanatory upon listening to it...

A Song for April

This song has a bit more personal meaning... I thought that I might post some lyrics for this bit, see below the song...

A Song for April

Verse 1
I watch the nights come in, my way to see your eyes.
You left us here but I will not take the blame anymore. Anymore.

I remember how we were, how we were when we were young.
We laughed, we fought, we cried together. But not this time. Not this time.

I washed my hands from all this guilt I'll take what's good and I'll hold it close.
Consequences can kill but I will not, ask what if anymore. Anymore.

Verse 2
It makes no sense but who am I? To question the wisdom that must lie inside.
I sit alone and I cry. I cried for you, I cried for you, I cried myself till I couldn't cry anymore. Anymore.


I will not forget. The finer points of you. The subtle points of view. Despite the life that took you down, the other is the one that's lifted high.

I still hold you close to me, the memory of you and me till the day I said goodbye. goodbye…


NanNan said...

Thank you Michael, The words are so heartfelt and touching--- and I love the name Karass---it means a lot to me too--- go take a look at grandfather's blog -- a blast from the past!!! Love you!

kicking-and-singing said...

Hey Mike, nice to be able to listen to all of the songs at once I still wish that you would send them to me*hint hint*.
Hope all is well with you. Take Care

H said...

lovely words.