Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a short bit...

Look, I don't really don't have alot to say today, so I thought that I would just say a few words. It's getting a bit scary now though... I have 37 days until I am in Canada. It's scary.... Last time I moved continents, it was pretty easy. I left Victoria BC, where I had no family, friends yes, but no family there. They were all back in NS (Canada again). I pretty much packed up my suitcase, and left.

NOW though, a completely different story. Married, 2 kids, a house full of crap to get rid of. A bit of a bigger deal of a move. But my wife is a true champion of champions. She's sold most of our stuff, and is, even now as I write, filling the world of e-bay with the final remnants of our possessions. Good on ya babe. Sorry I'm useless. But I think you may have known that when you married me. You may be over it.

It'll be interesting when I get back to NS though. I think that what will happen is that before I know it, the rest of my family will realize that they actually liked me better when I was so far away, and not visiting them!!! Joking (hopefully). Naw, it'll be great to see everyone. My brothers, my sister, my nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and parents and the list goes on and on. Up to and including the snow. I have royally missed the snow my friends. The beaches here are awesome though and they will be greatly missed, but the job is too good to pass up!

For those of you that care (a list of 1 maybe?) I finish work on the 30th of November. Go down the coast to visit the in-laws the next day. Come back to Sydney on the 5th, do the formal graduation bit on Dec 6th, fly out of Sydney on the 7th at about 12 noon. Get into NS at about 9:45 pm on the 7th. drive south for 3-ish hours to Yarmouth NS, and then pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Well, I should run, I have to put some clothes on the line. And then go to bed. I've been pretty tired and bloodshot lately. It's starting to bother me a bit actually. For the past few days, my eyes have been too bloodshot... Not enough coffee maybe... I'll work on that tomorrow....


Thursday, October 18, 2007


I just thought that I would try posting automatically from a program called "ScribeFire" which is a Firefox (web browser) add-on. if it works, you're reading this and you name's not Michael Amon.

Anyway though, it's Friday, I'm doing some work getting ready for a pretty big week next week. I'm going to start training a kind of replacement for me. She's an honour's student who'll be starting here next year, but she'll need to do some technique training because the stuff I have been learning this year is pretty tricky. I am also doing my last really big experiment which I want all my readers to begin praying for the success of.

Start now....

Alright that's probably enough, but remember to do it again soon. Like tonight and tomorrow and for the next week. I'll need it.

Just s short post though, I wanted to let you all know that I have only 6 weeks, to the day, of work. 7 weeks, to the day, until my family leaves the southern hemisphere for a little while.

Geez, it's coming up pretty quick isn't it. Almost scary.

Anyway though, I should run back to the lab to make up some medication to stop a transplant rejection in diabetic mice. (Remember the prayers I asked for...)

ya ya ya deal with it...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This cuts me deep...

This is a short post, but I wanted to post it because it sparked a strong emotional reaction from me. A very sad one though, but I want people to be aware so that if they are religious, they may include this poor child in their prayers.

Yesterday, a child between the ages of 5-10 was found in a travel bag in a duckpond in Rosemeadow (Rosemeadow is one of the small suburbs of Campbelltown, of which I live). Police etc "believe it is the body of boy" goes to tell you the state of the child.

The news story is here. And I don't want to go into any more detail, but I wanted this child to be remembered because nobody deserves this.

I pray that "he" is happy, free from pain, and is laughing at God's side. And may justice be served in the name of the as yet unknown child. I can't think of an appropriate punishment for this crime.

A little annoyed...

First of all, I'd like to wish you all a good day.... And give you a little update as to my absence, which I'm hoping ends today with this monumental post. Alright. So it won't be anything too special, but it'll hopefully mark the end of once or twice a month posts.

To start off with... Below is yes, a picture of my house. Particularly, my house last Saturday during the colossal moving sale we had. You can also see the "Sold" sign in front of our house. Pretty cool eh! We pretty much emptied the house so that our bed was on our front lawn as well. That didn't sell, so I'm happy that I still have my own bed to sleep on. BUT, both of our tvs are gone, as is our DVD payer, our VHS player, which makes my Wii a little hard to play on now (big sad face). Our couch and chairs also went, so in our living room is a very old but working tv (sitting on the floor in the corner), and an old computer desk with Bec's laptop sitting on it so we can at least check our e-mail etc. That's it. No chairs. Nadda. BUT, this does mean that we have very little to get rid of the end of next month.

Notice in the picture is Rebecca and Madison holding the fort!

Other matters..

I really don't like mobile phones (aka cell phones for my ever expanding north american audience). Sitting on the train, a crowded train where there are alot of people standing up in the ailes because there are no more seats left, is not the place to talk about how some relative is now in rehab by court order and if she walks out will be doing the rest of her rehab in Silverwater (prison in Sydney). or about many other issues I don't really want to share. But she was talking behind me so loud it's like she was talking straight into my ear.

And I had headphones on.


And I still couldn't shut her out of my head. Maybe that's simply a sign of a weak mind on my part. Maybe I should drop this then and stop pointing out my weaknesses and faults. I may have just given all of my enemies the tool they need to finally defeat me and overthrow my vast empire of wealth. Which coincidentally is tied up in student loans. I guess the take home message is, please don't yell on your phones if your riding public transportation. I don't want to know the problems of your life, unless it's urgent. But otherwise, for people with weak minds, it's very disconcerting.

Another very sad thing happened to me. Starting last week or so. I had noticed that my ergonomically designed keyboard with nice soft-touch keys etc was in it's final throes. The letters, "z", "x," "c," and "v" stopped working. So I am now relegated to using a crap cheap keyboard that you have to slam the keys to get it to type. And it is bloody loud. I type pretty fast, like 500-1000 words a minute (yes the zeroes are correct), so it gets a bit loud. Ya, I am complaining about such a little thing, but I type alot. you may not realize but A LOT of science is done on a computer and there is a lot of writing involved. On that note, I have to go and finish writing up a grant for a project that I will not be working on....

PS: My last day of work is November 30!!!!! Yay for me!!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sorry So Long!

Firstly, I must apologize for my complete lack of blogging for like a month or so. Too long between posts, and for my adoring and obsessive fan, I am truly sorry. Truly sorry indeed.

But I have had a pretty big month if I do say so myself. First of all, I am tired of working here. I can't seem to get motivation. This has probably stemmed from that fact that I thought that the project would be a bit more set up before I started (as I was told it would be)... Or that it took over 6 months to get ethics approval to do the work... Or that I still don't have all the required tools to do the work... Or that I just spent a long time (months) getting my cell line to work properly and the company stopped making the most essential part of my experiment rendering my cells almost useless (or at least the experiment has no become a lot more expensive!!)

BUT, besides all that crap, my house sold in 5 days, the cooling-off period is over, and we bought out plane tickets back to Canada. We are leaving Australia on December 7 (12noon ish) and will be arriving in Halifax around 9:45pm that night. We're flying from Sydney to LA, to Bost and then to Halifax. It's a pretty big trip. Man I hope my kids can handle it. It's a big change... I feel bad for Alex though because we have to sell alot of his toys and stuff before we go. We are going to keep some for him until we leave, but still. No kid likes to get rid of their toys, especially when you are only 4 years old. He's doing well though.

We have already started selling off our possesions last week. We managed to sell a bunch of stuff to several Baha'i's in our community. Stuff like microwaves, dishes, plates, sewing machine etc... We're going to have a big yard sale soon to try to do a lot more damage though.

I'm really sorry about cutting this all-too-exciting post short though, but I really have to go and get some work done...

(end this letter with a defeated sigh)