Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday

I'll never remember where I was on Feb 2, 1978 when I got a baby brother. (I was only 1). But I will never forget where I was when I lost him. Or the phone call that woke me up. Or the sound of Jason's voice on that morning. Or the sinking in. Or the days leading up to it even. Or the loss that will never go away.

But today is a happy day nonetheless. It is the day when Christopher R. Amon was born. And my childhood friend came into being. The beginning of my memories are perfused with Chris. The good fun we had playing baseball with oranges upstairs in the hallway. Chocolate pudding fights in the house when Mom and Dad were gone away. The vicious fights we had. Ahhh the memories. Thanks Chris. I'll see you again soon enough!

Until then,