Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little update,...

So we got the quote for the fence from the guy who said $10,000 to give us a quote on a chain link fence (4 ft high) and it was much more respectable. So it looks like I won't be fencing, and we'll have a fence sometime in the next long while. We just need to get a few more quotes.

And on another note, my experiment turned sour today. It looks like a bloody do-over. The dirty rotten ELISA... Crap.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hullo agin ma frens

Another day another dollar eh?

Spent maybe...

So we've been looking into getting a fence put up around our back yard. So we get quotes. Which leads me to my question to you all...

Anyone wanna help me put up a little (about 4 foot high) fence around my back yard?

So ya, the price is not that great. Really high actually. We've only gotten one quote at the moment, but do you really think that the next few quotes are going to thousands of dollars cheaper? We put up a bloody garage (well it wasn't really bloody) in Australia for less than a measly 4 ft perimeter fence. And the garage required ALOT of concrete to make it level since we were on a bit of a slope, slight, but enough that there was a lot of concrete which had to be poured.

So, I am pretty sure that I can build a fence myself. I have put a little bit of thought into it, and I can see how it needs to be built. Once I get the main pillars up, it shouldn't be that hard screwing the rest of it together. It's just the putting up the main ones eh?

Well, I guess I'll have to do it myself then.. just think of all the $$ I'll save, the injuries I'm libel to get... but the pride my friends, the pride in doing it myself. And the wishful thinking that I'll only have to do it once and never again.

In other matters though, for those who are keeping score at home, I still don't have a credit card. Yup, still can't get one. We have gone to ScotiaBank, and MAN do they put up barriers. So much so that we are leaving them altogether. Fully and completely. By the end of this month, all of our banking will be through TD. We met with them the other day, and they were much more accomadating than their competition. But the credit card application is in the works, we haven't heard back yet, but either way, we are happier with TD than ScotiaBank by a long shot.

What else can I tell you...

Nothing it would seem, so I bid you good bye!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The let down.

All week, me and my wife have been building up my son's final 2 soccer games (he's 5 and a half) for Saturday morning. The day comes forecasting rain, and a rain day was given.

So we step out the door all set to watch some kick-a$$ soccer, and then it starts to rain... But ever so slightly. So we decide to stick it out and go. So we all get in the car, and start the drive from Dartmouth to Sackville.

As we get closer to Sackville, the rain starts to come down really heavy. So we abort because I won't be having Alex playing soccer in heavy rain. A little rain's ok, but not as heavy as it was when we were half way there. So we turned around and had a really boring morning and afternoon. Alex was upset, but he understood that there was no soccer in the rain. And me and my wife stressed to him that it's ok, we'll just play next weekend because it's too rainy right now.

So the day wanes on, we talk to some people, who talked to other people. And then found out that it didn't rain in Sackville. And we missed his final soccer games of the year. And the presentation of his trophy and medal.


Alex was upset, but Bec dealt with him. And I felt terrible. After all, it was me that abruptly turned the car around because of the heavy rain. In fact, I am still quite upset about this. I really loved watching him play soccer. I never missed a game, and I even coached / refereed one of the games that his regular coaches couldn't make. Gutted.

So we missed the whole thing. And now we will have to wait until next year.

Not happy Jan. Not happy at all.

And I'm sorry Alex.

I am truly sorry.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pics of the new house...

Alright, here are some pics of our new house.

And some of its occupants...

And besides looking good, the house is also across the road from a lake, and a few minutes away from a Trout stocked lake!!! YAY FOR ME!!!!

oh lucky day for you!!

Yup, another post from me!!

Oh how happy you must be to read me again.

So... Alot of things have been going on lately.

Firstly, me and my lovely family (not pictured below) moved into our new house (without a credit card even) . I love it, my wife loves it, Alex loves it, and Madison loves it. The kids love the fact that they now have a lawn to play in!! I love the fact that it is not a duplex, has beautiful hardwood floor upstairs, 3 FULL baths, one being in the bedroom, a fully finished downstairs, and looks great with no need to do anything except put up a fence.

So that's been pretty cool.

I also took my family to Keji last week, 6 days after moving into our new house no less. If it wasn't so half rainy, I'm sure it would have been great. But as it was, the weather wasn't really... conducive to swimming, so not much of that happened. But it was nice camping with the kids, and my parents. I would have liked my vacation to have lasted longer, but it didn't. And now I am back at work. Doing alot of data analysis. I like doing data analysis because it is nice when you have something like that done. But it takes a while, and my boss will be wondering why I haven't done more experiments. I'll have to have a talk with him when he gets back from his vacation!!! on Monday or Tuesday I think. Hmmmmm...

Still don't have a credit card either. Went into the bank to try to get one, and forced them to change my name from Mr. to Dr. Amon. But apparently I don't make enough. I think that part of the problem is that I am not taxed, so when I give them my salary, they can't deal with it because it is not taxed, so they are thinking that I get less than I am. Grrrr..

I will get one though. It's amazing at the number of things that it would make easier.. Like renting a U-haul to move. That would have been alot easier with a credit card. Becoming a member of Canadian Automobile Association over the phone when I ran a flat and could not get the bloody tire off so I had to call a tow-truck to charge me $50+ dollars (fortunately, I asked a passer by to jump on the wrench as he weighed more than me and it worked, so I left my parking lot before the tow-truck came! Yay for me!!) or even to get a MacPass to pay the toll on the bridge that I now have to cross every day on my way to and from work instead of having to throw quarters into the toll... Of which I am now always in short supply of.

Jeez. What's a guy to do?