Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ya ya ya

This won't be long, but I just finished watching some hockey.  and since I haven't gone to sleep, it's not the 26th.

So in loving memory, I bid A'Dieu to my late brother Chris.  You're loved, remembered, and still cherished.  Even if you are a rat bag.  

I have to keep with some sort of tradition here don't I!  And it's my blog, so I'm entitled to it.  But you're more than welcome to judge me.  

Not a day goes by, still, that you are not thought of.  And fondly I might add.  Fondly indeed.  I know that you watch (over?) us and hopefully laugh at our follies.  And because of this, I know that you know we miss you.  It would have been nice to have you hear though, and maybe you could have played a bit more of an active part in our life.  But as it is, I'll accept.  As long as you at least welcome me when my time comes. 

Well, goodbye and goodnight Chris.