Saturday, May 31, 2008

Secrets Revealed

Ya, it's another exciting and inventful blog post title. Man I am Mr Creativity eh? Ah well as my millions of regular readers will already know, I don't care enough. So I'm down the coast visiting my parents. It's raining pretty heavily so we're all staying in and I think that I will try to watch hockey tonight with Alex as he is favoring the Red Wings instead of the home-town favorites Penguins. Ah well, they scored first in the previous game we were watching (Detroit vs Dallas I believe it was).

Anyway though. I thought that I would address the previous post and clear up a few things. About the big experiment making me sound like I am a mad scientist. Yes, it's true, I am a mad scientist and am planning to take over the world with my madness. Mwa ha ha hahahahah !! If you can try to make that sound as evil and menacing as possible, that could only help the effect of my madness encompassing even you as I sit hear writing, subliminally entering your mind and planting thoughts of madness, my madness, in you. So thanks for your support. I'll thank you in the credits.

I can't remember if that particular experiment worked or not. But I think that that particular experiment worked... fabulously. Fabulously in that the data was beautiful, the analysis went really well in a custom made Excel spreadsheet I made to automatically calculate alot of data and decide which data to use based on minimal input from me... And fabulously in that the experiment, which takes over a month to do must be re-done. Using slightly different conditions. But the data looked so good that it was undeniably so. This questioned the re-producability of certian things, in that there are two diffferent sets of results with only a small change which shouldn't have changed things. But it did. Bugger.

But another big experiment worked just as beautiful for the reasons I already said. Except that this time, it worked reproducably. So happy day. My madness will encompass you sooner than later. ANyway. I think that I should go as I might be going to the movie tongiht as the rain looks like it may have slowed.

So cheers, and keep your eyes peeled for the subtle sings of my imminent take over. As I have planted things in your head already, you will recognize the signs before the rest of the world. SO think of yourselves as being in my inner circle.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Doesn't it feel good?

hey there everyone, I just thought that i would drop my loyal followers a line to say hey.. Hey.

Life doesn't seem to be going too bad lately, and in fact it might be going alright. I really should be writing up a method for tomorrow morning as I have another pretty big experiment to do, but guess what!! I have the help of a lovely summer co-op student!! Honestly, she's helped me out a fair bit too. But I just couldn;t keep away and now I leave to prepare for tomorrow... Such is the life of a Post-doc...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just thought that I would wish the thousands of mothers who read this blog a Happy Mother's Day!! As a husband to a mother, I'm sorry that only one day out of the year is devoted to you being the great mother that you are, but even more sorry that such a wonderful mother such as yourself got stuck with me eh!!

Ah well, if only you knew then what you know now!!

And for my own mother, thank you dearly for all the love and support that you have given me, and all your kids, over the years. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for you. And while we may still be finding our way in certain aspects, you've given us a beacon to look to and have been a pillar of strength for us in times of trouble. Thank you. If Baha'i's did the Saint thing, I'd put you up for one. Maybe even two although I know they don't do that kind of thing. You're worth it!

Love you all dearly, and I hope today gets to be a proud wearer of you smiles!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Interesting Observation

Immediately after writing the next post, I began to feel oddly better.

Here's the recoil.

Thanks for requesting that I write. Despite it only being since the 28th of April. Less than one month. Less than two weeks. I write in spurts.


It is a complicated mathematical equation that not even I am aware of.

It also depends on my moods. Which fluctuates more than I wish sometimes.

And for the past less than 2 weeks, I've been busy and not really feeling like writing.

And today ended on a particularly pissy note. Leaving me feeling just that.

So sorry I haven't written.

Next one will come when it comes. and as I'm sure you may all be aware of, it's a complicated mathematical equation. known for only one thing... that it is inversely related to it's being asked for.

This post being the exception.