Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to my old tricks...

What tricks you may be finding yourself asking... Pretty lame ones actually... I'm simply referring to the long lag between posts. It seems that I am a pretty busy guy at work. And I don't really like to do much on computers when I am at home, so that leaves me with little time to do this.. . But I haven't forgotten about you all. I do read your posts, and think that I should post more regularly.

But Alas.

I find myself not posting.

Anyway though...

So Alex is now a soccer star. Well not a star yet, but he's exceeding my expectations. He, unfortunately, has the genetic problem shared with most first-borns in my wife's family... Mainly an inability to run without looking like they are running like a girl. My wife has this problem. Her first born cousin (a boy) has this problem, and my son has this problem. Interesting thing about it though, is that my wife's cousin (who is over 20 now) has known that he has this problem for quite some time. And he plays soccer. Or at least he still did when I was last in Australia. But he has come over this problem by running as fast as he possibly can. Which apparently cures the disease for as long as one is running as fast as they possibly can. He doesn't jog, lest the affliction should rear its ugly (yet funny) head.

Alex, playing soccer, seems to work. He hasn't scored a goal yet, but he has entered the fray of 5 year olds struggling for the ball, come out of the fray with said ball, and ran to the other net with everyone else chasing him three times last game. He didn't score because he was concentrating a bit on lining himself up with the net etc... but he got 2 assists out of it as someone else on his team did the scoring. So he's up-and-coming. Maybe I'll try to post a pic or two, but that might seem out of character as of late, so I likely won't.

Other things have happened, but of more importance, it was Father's Day yesterday.. I thank my lovely wife, daughter Mads, and son Alex for thier great presents. Of which I don't have time to list. But Alex was most excited about the Star Wars Lego game from the Wii. Of which we played for about 2 hours last night!!! Yay for us!!!

But I would also like to wish my Dad a great Father's Day. Sorry we couldn't be there on the day, but I hope that the day before helped make up for it!! Thank you Dad for being the man that you are. A good, stand-up guy who's not afraid to do what needs to be done. Who's taught his children the meaning of work, while never sacrificing time with his kids. I am still working on that one. I also think that Dad probably contradicts the notion of a sensitive, new-age man, in that I have always known him to wear his heart on his sleeve. And in doing so, we've all known exactly where we stood with him. That he loves me, or the rest of his kids, grandkids etc, has never been in question. Under any circumstances.

So thank you Dad.

One day I hope to live up to the model that you have lived.