Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy birthday to me.....

Well, as many of you already know, I turned 30 on the 30th! How did I celebrate you might ask... Basically with alot of tears. No... If I had nothing to show for my life, I might be a bit upset, but I have a beautiful wife whom I love, 2 beautiful children, our own house over our head, and I am a hair's breath away from being a Dr. So what do I have to be sad about! Exactly my friends... exactly....

So, on the weekend, me and Becs went out for a lovely sea food dinner. There was heaps! Lobter mornay (not as good as Atlantic lobster, but I wouldn't be spitting it out), oysters, and an array of others. The end result though, completely full of sea food!!!

Ahhh, the oft misunderstood pleasures of glutony. So, that was the weekend, on my actual birthday, because it was too bloody hot here, we didn't cook supper but went out to a restaurant here in Campbelltown (bogun central of Sydney) and enjoyed a nice meal of Atlantic salmon (ya, still carrying over the seafood craze!) Rebecca had a steak which I must say tasted infinitely better than my meal... Ah well... The picture above is of the cake that Bec and Alex made for me earlier that day. It's a carot and banana cake (of note, banana's are no longer $11 / kg as new crops have grown lowering the price considerably, allowing those just above the poverty line to eat banana's again!!! YAY!!!)

A good cake it was, with the big "30" lit up in front of me and my kids. It was nice. Madison now smiles at me, and Alex can be such a good kid. Not on that night though. wouldn't listen to a word we said. But he was great while we were blowing out the candles.

This is a pic of my beloved SG. It has been sitting in its case since December 23 under my bed waiting for my birthday so I could open it and give it some lovin'. If only I was better at guitar!!! It feels great though. Plays beautifully. And most importantly, makes me smile.

About the "mistake" post of a little while ago... no details will be given, I wish I had only eaten something bad... But it is mostly work related..... No more will I dwell as I don't want to rant about work anymore.... at least to my devoted audience who don't want to hear me bitch and complain!!!!

Well, I should get to bed, it's 1 am, I have to leave the house by 6:45am to get to work by around 9am very close to King's Cross in Sydney... Google it, and you may find out the ... colourful aspects of that area... like the famed injection room, or the fact that about every 4th shop is NOT an "Adult" oriented shop, but a cigarette shop or a McDonalds! Caught me off guard when I noticed it myself!!!

Anyway, good night my friends, and wish me luck on my Animal ethics etc course / test that I will be taking tomorrow morning!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Australian Open Final!

Well, it's the last day of the Australian Open tennis... The only tournament (tennis) that I actually watch. It's been a great tournament, and I have had the great pleasure of watching several great matches....including several of F. Gonzalez (sp?) and one with Roger Federer. Both are on fire and destroying everyone in their way. I was originaly going for Marat Safin because he's enjoyable to watch, and he beat Federer in the Oz Open 2 years ago, but Safin was beaten by Andy Roddick, whom I switched allegiances to following that match, but the Roddick was uttelry and completely destroyed by Federer. I also got to watch Serena Williams beat the world No 1 Maria Sharapova like "she stole somethin'." So it looks like this William's sister has returned as a threat. She was unstoppable. Not a great game to watch though, as I like when it's a bit closer though, and I don't really follow women's tennis much.. Sorry ladies.

But tonight might be a good match. Federer (shown above) is generally boring to watch as he's so perfect in almost every shot he makes, shows little emotion while playing
... Gonzalez (shown below) is playing exceptionally well this tournament and making some amazing shots. So hopefully, he won't get lost in awe at playing Federer and put up a decent challenge. I would like to see Federer sweat a little and maybe lose at least a set.

My prediction is, I guess, Federer in 4. I'm not really going for either of them, as it would be nice for Federer to further his name in the record books as having won the most blah blah blahs consecutively, but it would be nice to see an up-and-commer beat him at such a crucial match as a final to a Grand Slam tournament.... I really just want to watch a good game.
How boring am I !!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A mistake

Ever wonder if you just made a mistake... At least it's only one year. One year my friend... One year. I think it'll help to have a well-defined end point here. One year. The God's have aligned several things up to make me think that I am right. The one time I ignored my stomach. For the many of you that don't know, I trust my stomach implicitly in all matters of everything. If it feels right with a decision, I take that road. It has been right 5 out 5 times with respect to babies being born in the family. And on many other occurances too numerous to mention. But this one decision, I ignored it for some reason. I think logic and my tummy disagreed, and I followed logic....

Damn hindsight.

Damn it to the depths of the abyss.

From now on, listen to stomach. How can something that tells me to eat be wrong? Exactly....

One more year...

one (is the loneliest number...)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

He's a very, very lucky man

I just thought that I would mention this as it's bloody amazing!! This 41 yo old guy from southern NSW (Australia) got bitten by a shark, head first. He was diving about 30ft below the surface, and then it went dark and then he felt himself being shaken. That's about when he realized he was being eaten by a shark. This is where it gets impressive... The shark had his head, one arm, and part of his chest area in its mouth, leaving one arm "free", with which, he poked the shark in the eye! It then spat him out, and he lived with only a broken nose, and some pretty bad cuts!

Apparently his thought as he was going to the surface was that he hoped his face wasn't too disfigured to scare his son who was at the surface.


I don't drink, but I reckon if I ever saw him in a bar or something, I'd buy him a drink.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Songs written by me

I will update this page whenever I have another song to post... There is also a link on the side bar to this page. But I will put a note in my "daily" bloggings when there is another song added here. I just thought that it might make it easier for me (and you) to find these if there placed together....

A brief intro to these songs though... They are all written by me, unless otherwise noted. I play each instrument you hear, do the backing vocals etc. I record under the name "Karass" and my "future" recording company will be called A.W.E. records.

This page pretty much has Baha'i songs on it. Or at least Baha'i influenced songs. The first two are kind of obviously so, and "A Song For April" is more me dealing with death through a Baha'i perspective.

Anyway though, I hope you don't mind them...

O God My God

This is simply a prayer put to music that I wrote a while ago now. Enjoy..


This song is kind of self explanatory upon listening to it...

A Song for April

This song has a bit more personal meaning... I thought that I might post some lyrics for this bit, see below the song...

A Song for April

Verse 1
I watch the nights come in, my way to see your eyes.
You left us here but I will not take the blame anymore. Anymore.

I remember how we were, how we were when we were young.
We laughed, we fought, we cried together. But not this time. Not this time.

I washed my hands from all this guilt I'll take what's good and I'll hold it close.
Consequences can kill but I will not, ask what if anymore. Anymore.

Verse 2
It makes no sense but who am I? To question the wisdom that must lie inside.
I sit alone and I cry. I cried for you, I cried for you, I cried myself till I couldn't cry anymore. Anymore.


I will not forget. The finer points of you. The subtle points of view. Despite the life that took you down, the other is the one that's lifted high.

I still hold you close to me, the memory of you and me till the day I said goodbye. goodbye…

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How's this for fun?

Holy, I just stumbled onto this link, and MAN!!! It looks bloody fun / scary.... Bungie jumping... kind of, but horizontally!

Click here for a good laugh.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Reason #2

Well, it's been a little while since I posted something of this nature (date-wise, not post number wise!), so I thought that I would post a little bit on probably one of the biggest reasons why I am a Báhá'í: Progressive Revelation. (Previous post on "Why I'm a Baha'i" : agreement between science and religion and this one).

This is actually a large topic, probably controversial in many orthodox faiths, but to me it seems so obviously correct. My disclaimer though is that these are my interpretations of the Baha'i perspective on this topic. While they are probably shared with someone else, no one else should be cursed or otherwise for this post. It's mine, and I take full responsibility. Blah blah blah (pause) blahblah blah blah, as Charlie Brown's teacher would have said.

Anyway though…. I guess to set the stage let's think about school. No even better, I'll start with my 4 year old son, Alex. He is and has been learning to count and recognize numbers for a little while now. The reasons for this are obvious, but to spell them out, so he can function in society, do math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and taxes of course. But there is no way that Alex will learn any of this unless he first learns about numbers.

Once he learns about numbers in general, he can then advance himself and learn addition and
subtraction… Then he can progressively advance into multiplication and division, and then progress further and learn about algebra, calculus, fractals, etc… You get the idea.

You learn "a" to get to "b."

(above: simple addition; below; insane fractal math)

So, in religious contexts, I will use the example of Abraham. (This

will be simplistic as I don't want to get bogged down in semantics) Abraham is credited with the birth of monotheism (belief in one God). This is evidenced in Genesis (Old Testament) and also (from memory, I should have referenced this, if you want it, ask and I will work to produce) the teachings of Christ who heaped praise upon Abraham and also in Islamic teachings. So, before Abraham, you have belief in many "Gods," after Abraham, one God. This has been the foundation to all subsequent Abrahamic religions, from Jewish, Christianity, Islam, and Báhá'í. Each subsequent religion has this as its central theme which was required to be layed down and understood prior to other the acceptance of other spiritual teachings.

While there are other examples I'm not going to go in detail over them… If you are Christian, I'm sure you recognize some on your own in your reading of the Old and New Testament, and if you're Islam, I'm sure you're well versed on how Islam has been built up from the teachings of Abraham by Mohammad.

Anyway though, I believe that God acts in a similar manner that the education system works (simplistically put). God starts by teaching us about "a" and then when we're ready teaches us about "b." How would it have been taken if Abraham taught that men and women were equal? This is a relatively new concept in terms of religious enlightenment that has only really taken off over the last few years. We weren't ready for this, and couldn't handle it at the time of Abraham. So what I'm slowly getting at is that God has sent us prophets (or Manifestations) at various time points throughout mankind's spiritual growth, and will continue to do so, with each successive Manifestation both confirming the previous prophet, and building upon Their predecessor's teachings.

I stated earlier that this topic is a bit controversial...and this comes in because as a requisite for progressive revelation, is that God has sent, and will continue to send Manifestations to mankind to build upon the teachings of the previous Prophet. Controversial bit: Each Manifestation has told of Their return, or the coming of Another. The Hebrews awaited Moses, the Jews are waiting, Christians are waiting, Islam is waiting, and Báhá'í's are waiting. The definition of what they are waiting for though is the subject of controversy. I am only really familiar with Christian prophesy, so I will have to rely on that though. Sorry. Christians are awaiting "Judgement Day" when Christ will come out of the clouds and judge all mankind. So some Christians are awaiting this as a literal occurance. Some have read in the Bible that He "will come like a thief in the night," and have taken the "clouds" eg above to be more figurative in nature, possibly when the path to God has become "clouded." And Islam refers to Mohammad as the "Seal of the Prophets" to mean that He was the last Prophet of God, when it might mean something entirely different… like maybe He was the last Prophet to be sent to a specific people, and the following Manifestation will be sent all the people of the world. Anyway though. This is where the controversy arises. Christians believe that Christ is the fulfillment of the prophesies of the Old Testament whereas the Jewish people are still awaiting His arrival. And Christians are awaiting the return of Jesus, and Islam is awaiting the arrival of the Qa'im whereas I believe the Voice of Jesus (ie God) has already returned in the voice of Baha'u'llah, and the Qa'im has also appeared in Baha'u'llah, as they both are awaiting the arrival of the next Godly Manifestation and are looking for various signs; signs which are open to various interpretations. The Words of God have innumerable meanings, and it's entirely possible that currently accepted literal meanings may actually require non-literal interpretations, possibly of a spiritual nature.

As a Báhá'í, it's obvious that I believe that Baha'u'llah is the Manifestation and has brought forth the Word of God for this time in mankind's development. And I openly challenge anyone employing logic, openness to alternate possibilities, while avoiding superstition, tradition, and hear-say, to prove this wrong. (Investigate with a clear slate).

As an interesting side note, as Báhá'ís, we are told that there will not be another Manifestation appear for 1000 years, and even with this seemingly clear time point, the next Manifestation will be persecuted very heavily, just as all previous Abrahamic Manifestations have been….

I should probably finish this now… But I hope you've enjoyed the read.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a few little things I like

I just thought that I would post a few spots on the net that make me laugh, or kill boredom....

This one is called PUKI. It's a Java game that you play on the net, and you kill little cuddly aliens that have taken over your ship. Simple controls, simple premise, good ol' fashioned alien killin'. What more could you want?

This one is called A4 Paper cut. It's a site showing a heap of different things this guy has done with paper. While utterly impressive, it does make you wonder if this guy simply has too much time on his hands... How do you find out you love to do this? Too bored in class one day, hmmm I think I'll make a bird in a cage out of paper. The works are really impressive though...

Another thing I like, is the "Stumble upon" toolbar. I use Firefox as my webrowser and it lets you add heaps of extra features and toolbars etc (extensions)... One of them is the stumble upon toolbar. A minute or less set up time and your ready to go... Jut hit the button and it will take you to a random web-site (criteria is selected by you during the VERY brief set-up process).
If you're not using it, I'm sorry for you.

Let's not forget the Parasite Pals Super Fun Site! Thanks to this site, Alex (4 y/o son) always washes his hands for fear of getting worms because of this video!!! It works, it's funny and I laugh!

This one's also brought a smile to my face. the "How to speak Hip Buddha"...

Well, since I'm at work, I'll only post one more link... It's an Intellivison site where you can get ald Intellivision games like Astrosmash!!! I loved that game when I was a kid..... Ah the memories...

Well I shoud run as I have real non-student work to do!

Bye bye

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's been a while...

Ya, it's been a while but I'm sure I'll be forgiven, or forgotten.... I'm sure that it's one of the two... Just not sure which one!!!

I hope that you all had a nice and relaxing Christmas.... Mine was nice... The birth of a healthy baby is always a nice addition, especially when she was planned!!! Alex (4yr old son) loves Christmas... He was a bit of a Santa stalker and whenever we went to the shops, he always wanted to see each one that was there.... There are usually a few per shopping centre (mall), one for the main mall, and then maybe another one hiding in the larger department stores.... He also loved the Christmas lights and wanted to go out for hours and hours looking for them....

As gifts, Alex was blessed with a fairly large electric race track... One that Santa didn't really consider where it would actually go once the living room was deemed unsuitable for its home.... He got some other things as well, and I think that Bec has posted some of the pics a little while ago... I don't have them on my laptop yet, but I may post them yet....

A little while ago, me and Bec learned that we had to teach ALex a little about tact.... and that it's not really a great thing to advertise the fact that you have ..... gas..... He has a stinky behind. That much must be said up front for any of the rest to be of use... So.. we realize we have a problem when I'm walking with Alex and then out of the blue he says... "Smell that!" At first, we didn't know what he was talking about, but then we soon found out.... So we had to teach him that that was rude... and stinky.

So than on the way home from visiting Rebecca's parents down the coast last week, I was driving, and we've been having far too much car trouble lately, to the point where we weren't sure the car woudl make the 3.5 hr trip, something really stinky hit my nose and I thought the car was dying... So I voiced my disgust for the smell, and then Alex started laughing!!!! So, I guess it wasn't the car. Thanks Alex. Well, I guess we'll have to work a little harder on him.... We're really still trying to get the "Don't yell out that you've "fluffed" in public" thing down first.... and then work go from there....

ANyway, I start work on Monday, real work... no more of this student crap, and I will also try to start posting more regularly... I think that was more to myself than to anyone else....