Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday to All and to All a blah blah blah blah blah.

Well today is Friday, and it's the Friday before Christmas. Yes, I am at work, but what can I say, I have been staring at the screen for too long this week... So I'll take a break and stare at the computer screen instead.

So I've been pretty busy lately... Showing the house to some people who seem interested in it... Potential bidding war??? Would be kind of nice right before Christmas... I probably shouldn't say things like that over the internet though eh....

Also, my lovely daughter just turned 3, and my handsome devil of a son turned 7. Scary stuff that is... Truly scary. So December becomes a pretty expensive month around the Amon household.

I was reading a little review about the new Disney movie about the princess and the frog, I can't remember the name of the movie (it very well may be "The Princess and the Frog" but I don't know... Note to Disney people, it wasn't driven down our throats enough)... And the main critique was that the princess, Tianna or something like that (see: Note to Disney above) isn't a good role model for young girls as she's still the same run of the mill princess that they've been feeding us since Snow White. While Snow White was allowed to stay with the dwarves because she cooked etc (ie servant girl), Tianna is a waitress (ie servant girl), but at least she gets paid for services rendered. And she is saving up to open her own restaurant. And she's black... sorry of African decent, not from the whites in Africa, but from the other, non-white people in Africa.... (see why I hate political correctness, there are white people in Africa too.... and I thought that we all originated somewhere in Africa anyway... yes I know, the debate gets confusing. Bugger it.) So Disney is trying to appeal to the, ummmmmmm, people who... I am confused now... and now I cave in... trying to appeal to the black community. but then I am forced to remember Aladdin, I didn't realize that Aladdin's chick was white, I thought her skin was rather dark too, oh sorry, she was Disney's attempt to appeal to the Indian (not Native Americans) population... Maybe Disney was trying to break into Bollywood? Never saw that coming did you. Didn't think so.

But, what my original point was, was that Tianna is a bad role model for little girls because Disney is portraying women as servants and princesses. But the article I read really focused on her appearance in all the princessely attire that will be marketed, and not her working outfit (ie apron and waitress garb). And the article said that this was a bad thing. I don't see why.

Sure, Disney will make a mint and possibly find a way to pay off Wall Street and end the economic crisis which Obama will then get credit for (he IS the first black President of the United States (crap I said it again)) from all the little girls wanting to by princess clothes and toys etc... Take my daughter for instance. She LOVES princess stuff. Her bedspread, toys, clothes etc etc and the list even goes farther than I know. But she loves it. So why is this so bad? Why is it bad that little girls are wanting toys etc of women that are dressed well and in good shape. Unreal expectations for their own appearance?

Which is worse, providing our daughters with role models (albeit cartoon) who are in good shape and physically fit, or having the media tell us that we are all fat? On the one hand we have health professionals etc telling us that we need to start looking after ourselves better by eating right and exercising, etc so that we don't gain excess weight; and then we have critics telling us that princess etc are bad role models because most girls will never attain that appearance (because we are an overweight society)... To put in other words because I like to see myself write, Doctors say we're fat, Disney throws us skinny princesses, critics say that's bad to show our daughters.

I think someone's dumb.

I chose the positive modeling...

Let my daughter love the princess, she likes to dress and is happy.

It is possible though, that I completely missed the point of the whole article though. In which case, sorry about that... But my idea stands on its own. Do the math. You'll agree....

I've missed you blog. I've missed you for too long... Let's never fight again...


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mikki said...

You know, I have to agree with you here - I have no problem at all with the princess worship... as long as my girls remember that they can do anything the prince can, and get to dress nicely while doing it :)
On another note - wishing you all the best in your new job back in Australia! I wish we could have gotten together, though - I expect it'll be a while before I get to travel that far!

Love to you,